As part of our commitment to attracting exceptional people to the Eye Street family and having them remain with us long term, we offer an outstanding benefits package that includes:

  • Group Health Insurance (choice of PPO or HSA plans)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Group Term Life Insurance
  • Generous Employer Benefits Contribution
  • Unique, Flexible Time-Off Benefit
  • Paid Overtime
  • Flexible Charles Schwab 401(k) Employee Savings Plan
  • Safe Harbor Employer Contributions to Employee 401(k)
  • Discretionary Profit Sharing Contributions to 401(k)
  • Employee Referral Bonus Opportunities
  • Sales and Performance Incentive Compensation
  • Company Paid Training and Professional Development
  • Flexible Provision of Productivity Tools and Equipment
  • Direct Payroll Deposit to Multiple Accounts
  • Telework Opportunities (project dependent)
  • Equity Incentive Compensation Plan
  • Varied Company Sponsored Events for Employees/Families


A good corporate culture is difficult to create, and harder yet to preserve. One thing is for certain though, if you have it you know it… and Eye Street definitely has it. The people we hire tell us we have it, and they tell their quality engineering associates too, which helps feed our staffing pipeline with superior talent.

The Eye Street culture is one of serious challenge, innovation, and commitment to excellence, where every decision made considers and balances what is best for our Clients and our employees. In our friendly and flexible work environment, the drudgery people often associate with work is noticeably absent because we like what we do and how we do it. Support is always readily available, so when tough problems need tackling literally everyone in the company rolls up their sleeves as equals and helps. When tools are identified that will help our people be more productive, we provide them. We do everything we can to ensure a quality "work" life for every member of the Eye Street team.

Eye Street also recognizes the need for our people to have a quality of life with family and leisure away from work, and we fully support that by allowing as much schedule flexibility as possible, supporting telecommuting when practical, and providing outstanding time-off benefits.

We find it to be a positive experience to occasionally bring work together with family and leisure, so several times a year Eye Street sponsors really fun corporate events. Our events are diverse to say the least, from holiday parties at elegant country inns and hospitality tents "on-the-rail" at steeplechase events, to country farm picnics complete with pony rides and petting "zoos" for the kids. Some other event examples include teambuilding paintball outings and casino events featuring Eye Street sponsored door prizes such as a weekend in Vegas and a large screen plasma TV!

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