Research & Development

At Eye Street we value innovation, ingenuity and quality. These core values combined with our deep technical knowledge and industry subject matter expertise have enabled us to develop a line of products that solve business problems across commercial and government organizations. We continue to innovate each day in order to improve our existing product lines and develop new products that will help to solve complex business problems or to dramatically improve existing business processes.


JobOn is a web based service for finding, applying and interviewing for jobs by video. It combines all these steps in a few clicks for job seekers using a computer or smart phone equipped with a camera for recording video. The process used by job seekers and employers has been unchanged and inefficient for too long. With JobOn, it is now fixed. JobOn is available to any retailer, grocer or restaurant with jobs to fill, and to any seekers with access to a web camera or smart phone. Seekers get free storage for their video responses and access to numerous opportunities for work. Employers tap a larger pool of applicants to more readily find the best ones and see how they respond to questions on video before meeting and making hiring decisions. JobOn can also be customized for companies to use as an exclusive private-label offering. JobOn places an employer-branded terminal in big box and other large employers with 50 or more workers. JobOn is fully compliant with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations.

On-The-Go Alerting

On-The-Go Alerting is an alert and warning origination application that provides interoperability with the Federal Government's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) to allow authorized users to send alerts (CAP-Common Alerting Protocol) and warnings to the American Public and other emergency management organizations. The IPAWS provides dissemination of alerts and warnings through various channels including the Emergency Alerting System (EAS), NOAA Weather Radio and the Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS). On-The-Go Alerting is capable of authoring and transmitting CAP, IPAWS and NWEM formatted alerts and warnings. The application also provides other beneficial features such as mapping of alerts and other relevant data in order to provide a mobile common operational picture (COP) that assists with situational awareness and response efforts. The application includes an annual in-app renewal fee that will cover expansion of the system to include new functionality, data feeds and expanded support for new alert and warning types and dissemination mechanisms.Future functionality on the roadmap includes: Map based selection of geographic area for alerts and warnings, Mapping of alerts and warnings, Ability to layer in data feeds onto the Map along with alerts and warnings, Full searchable history of alerts sent and received, Real time collaboration features, Video and Photograph capture and sharing, and a Web based version of the system that will sync with iPad version.


RetireHQ allows third party administrators to automate and streamline the processing of sponsors' contributions and censuses. Your clients can submit contributions and censuses using our streamlined web interface saving time and postage. In addition your clients benefit by having access to plan documents using our always available online archival capabilities. It's like a file cabinet without the sharp edges. You will be able to skip the hassle associated with endless faxes and forms. Let your clients fill out everything online and you will be notified when someone requests plan participation and changes to plans or contributions.


Shortswitch is a custom URL shortening service that allows you to use your own domain or subdomain to create shortened URLs and QR codes for use in social media and advertising. Your users will know they are clicking on trustworthy links because it's your domain they are seeing and the shortened URLs and QR Codes never expire and can be redirected to other content if you desire. Only your authorized users can create links and QR codes on your short URL service and your domain will show up in tweets. With our add-on white label service we can brand the Shortswitch service for your company so that your customers have a seamless experience when using your short URL service. You can also monitor and analyze statistics for your short URLs and QR Codes using our admin interface. Finally we offer API access to allow programmatic access to our services for inclusion in your own applications.


With SpeedTouch you can add shortcuts to your home screen for phone calls (including Skype), text messages, emails, FaceTime, mapped directions, Twitter searches, or a URL from any other scheme you'd like (not all types are available on all devices).


Shoot. Splice. Style. Submit. Shoot videos and photos on-location, arrange and lightly edit them into a composition, and inject that composition into your organization's existing content management workflow (or YouTube as an additional example). Your project is saved in Veporter for future use, and can also be exported to your photo roll.



VRCompliance is web based application that helps taxing jurisdiction increase compliance and revenue for vacation rentals. VRCompliance is a NO-RISK way to identify suspected non-compliant vacation rental properties in city/town, county and state taxing jurisdictions. The system takes property tax listings and compliance information as inputs and uses proprietary algorithms and data sources to determine which properties are suspected of being out of compliance with applicable licensing and lodging tax obligations. The VRCompliance portal at provides a single interface to manage the compliance of all the vacation rentals for a jurisdiction as well as providing updates on new vacation rental listings that appear in a jurisdiction over time. Pricing models for the system are based on the success of the customer. Customers only pay for properties that are identified as being non-compliant. These properties represent additional tax revenue for the jurisdiction.